Fairview Heights Bouncing Back - June 2017

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, ILL. (KMOX) - With Michael Kors and Payless ShowSource closing stores, Mike Malloy, the head of economic developmentl!for the city of Fairview Heights, Illinois says their retail marketis still thriving.

Fairview Heights is known as the retain hub of southern Illinois with 3.5 million square feet of retail space, and very little is vacant. Shoppers come from extreme southem Illinois, eastern Illinois and even portions of Indiana.

Recently the city approved allowing St. Clair Square to double the number of special events it can hold from 12 to 24. "One of the reasons that it was doubled is St. Clair Square is emphasizing the festivals, the outside activities that can increase the customers coming to the mall," he says. He also says he isn't worried about Macy's turning it's anchor store at an outlet called Macy's Backstage, because the Macy's has done very well in that location and there was never a concern it would close.

Malloy says he expects sales taxes to bounce back after being down 2 percent. "One of the new stores that's going to be coming on-line, which is Dick's Sporting Goods, it will literally produce that 2 percent and we'll be back in the black," he says. Malloy says the prior tenant, Sports Authority, which closed about 10 months ago, went through a bankruptcy but tried to keep the Fairview Heights store open. He adds Dick's Sporting Goods has always wanted to come into the Fairview market. In addition, he says Ruler Foods will be going in next door to Skyzone in early fall this year. Malloy says sales tax could even come out ahead of last year.


News - General Infromation

Each year, thousands of people visit Fairview Heights for the "Midwest Salute to the Arts Festival of Fine Art" at Longacre Park. Works by more than 100 regional and national artists, selected by jury from thousands of entries, are exhibited for viewing and purchase.

image midwest  salute to the arts

Over 205 acres of land have been set aside to provide a variety of recreational activities. Longacre Park, with ninety-acres, features three ball diamonds, walking and jogging trail, tennis courts, volleyball court and picnic pavilions.

Residents also enjoy the wonderful playgrounds at Pleasant Ridge Park, site of the historic Kinsella Cabin. The ninety-five acre park features roller blading facilities, wintertime sledding and picnic pavilions.

News - Community Room

The Community Room, formerly known as the Senior Center is a recently renovated facility that is connected to City Hall in Fairview Heights and shares an entrance with the Fairview Heights Food Pantry. 

Construction on the community room was recently completed and we are now taking reservations.  The new facility has 10 - 6’ rectangular tables, a  kitchen to prepare food, and new laminate flooring.  To check availability please call  or stop by the Parks & Recreation Department.  

Community Room Information
Max Occupancy………….…………………...…....60
Hours….…………..……….….9:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.
User Fee…$75.00 (Fri.,Sat.,Sun. and Holidays)
User Fee………...$50.00 per day (Mon.-Thurs.)
Security Deposit….……………………….……...$150


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